What Is Perineum Sunning & What Are The Benefits?

What Is Perineum Sunning & What Are The Benefits?

Have you heard of perineum sunning, genital sunbathing or as I like to call it a nudie bake? It’s a practice that has been around for thousands of years where individuals expose their perineal area (the area between the anus and genitals) and breasts/nipples to direct sunlight. 

Sunlight & Your Body

Responsible sunbathing is excellent for your whole body, including your private parts. I do a nudie bake most days for 10-15 minutes in the privacy of my home before 9 am when the sun is gentle. This means I reap the benefits of sunlight without the risk of sunburn (you do not apply sunblock when practising perineum sunning).

When The Sun Is Too Hot - Or Rarely Appears

When I’m in the UAE, the sun is often too hot, so I do this indoors by a window. When I’m in the UK, the sun is not so prevalent, so I use the Thera Tri-Lite instead (use code REJUV to get yours at a discount).

This incredible light also means that I can do my home Nudie bake any time of the day, and I always travel with this as it is lightweight and super easy to take along.  I recommend the Thera Tri-Lite to most of my clients to help support gut health, digestion, and metabolism. It is also great if you ever experience any pain, including period pain.

The Thera Tri-Lite is an integral part of my new Gut-Brain Healing, Metabolic and Hormone balancing protocols, which I am launching at the Rejuv Wellness Retreat in the UK next month. All retreat attendees get to bring a Thera Tri-Lite home after the retreats we’ve seen fantastic benefits from using it.

Exercise Naked

I like to combine my Perineum Sunning nudie bakes with pilates, stretching, core work and other exercises as they are part of my daily morning movement routine.

Genital Sunbathing Is An Ancient Practise 

Although there are no clinical papers on this, they are part of ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic teachings, encouraging us to live harmoniously. Nudie Bakes has therefore stood the test of time, and both myself and many of my clients report feeling more energised, confident in their bodies and connected with themselves and nature.

Love Yourself In Your Natural Environment

Permitting yourself to love all your wobbly bits and be free without condemnation in nature is great for your mind, body and soul.

After going through the eating disorder journey of loathing my body and then defeating breast cancer, I am all for any practice that can help nurture self-love and acceptance.

Getting naked is not easy for everyone, but laying in light, naked as the day you were born, will not only unlock the benefits above but also help you love yourself unconditionally.


Talk To Yourself Naked

Use this time to say three things you love about your body to yourself instead of giving your inner critic centre stage with negative self-talk.


When I coach clients to use my neuroscience techniques, I help them love themselves into wellness. You can only truly be healed and free to live a life we love from a place of love and acceptance.


Seven Benefits Of Perineum Sunning Nudie Bakes

So what are the main benefits of Perineum Sunning or nudie bakes? Why is this practise so good for us?

1. Increased Perineum Vitamin D Production

Like other body parts, exposure of your perineum to sunlight stimulates the production of vitamin D in the skin. Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption of calcium and the maintenance of strong and healthy bones. It also affects immune function, cardiovascular health, and mental wellbeing.


2. Improved Mood & Mental Health

Sunlight exposure can boost the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with happiness and wellbeing. This in turn can help improve mood and mental health.


3. Circadian Rhythm Regulation

Exposure to natural light, especially in the morning, can help regulate your circadian rhythm, which, in turn, can improve sleep patterns and overall health.


4. Natural Skin Health

Sensible sun exposure can also have positive effects on the skin. It may help with certain skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema, fungal skin infections (including genital thrush) and improve skin health.


5. Enhanced Libido & Sexual Health 

Perineum sunning is linked to increased sexual energy, improved sexual health and boosted libido.


6. Balance Hormones

Natural sunlight on your breasts/nipples and private areas balances hormones and is particularly good for oestrogen dominance.

7. Naked Grounding Balances Your Nervous System

Practising perineum sunning as a nudie bake lying naked on the ground gives the added benefit of negative ion exposure which helps reduce stress and calm our nervous system. This in turn supports a healthy mind-body-balance


Perineum Sunning Risks

Sun exposure of any kind comes with potential risks, so be wise.

  • Sunburn: Exposing sensitive areas like the perineum to direct sunlight without adequate protection can lead to sunburn and skin damage. This is why I recommend genital sunbathing for 15 minutes maximum (and always before 9am or if in the UAE or a desert-type area before 7 am).
  • NOTE: I tend to wear a hat to protect my face and décolletage so as the song goes …you can leave your hat on 😊
  • Privacy & Indecent Exposure: Be mindful of privacy and choose a secluded location to perform perineum sunning. A funny story from one of my clients: I received a message on Instagram last week to say that the issues with her difficult neighbour quickly subsided when he accidentally saw her doing her Nudie Bakes.


Nudie Bakes & Your Wellbeing

So what’s the bottom line? Add Nudie Bakes to your wellness routine if you have a safe place to do so, be mindful of safe sun exposure like always, and you can also buy a Thera Tri-Lite from Therasage to incorporate this practice in a very safe way.


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