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Cleanse Fasting

If you feel like you need a reset and want to finish the year strong you can join us for a 30 day seasonal cleanse and reset. We always do this over 30 days and through a full moon lunar cycle so we get a good parasite cleanse. You can choose any month that works for you but always start 1 week before the full moon. See a full moon calendar here to plan your next Full Moon Parasite Cleanse

The next full moon is the 20th of October so as long as you start 1 week before that you will have a good result.

Join us from the 12th of October!

A Full Moon Parasite Cleanse is the best way to do a thorough parasite & candida/fungus cleanse as it’s a time of heightened parasite reproduction.

Here are my top 8 tips to support you on your full moon parasite cleanse.


Hydration is the most crucial part when you do a cleanse. The body has a break off digesting food and has time to mobilise toxins so they can be flushed out of your urine, sweat, stool and breath.

I mix up a big 2L jug of good filtered water like Therasage, add in the juice of 1 lemon, add in fresh mint leaves to help my brain stay focused, for I’m still treating clients each day & I rip the leaves, so they infuse beautifully and a good-sized thumb of ginger and grate into the water.

I sip this all day, and I have 1-2 cups of herbal or green tea to reach 3L per day. IF you are prone to dehydration, hold water in your mouth for 10 seconds or so when you drink water before swallowing and choose a water filter like the Therasage Water Purification Pitcher that uses nanotechnology to hydrate you at a cellular level further.

If you are prone to low blood sugar levels like me, add our Blood Sugar Support Capsules with my morning detox water to keep me balanced and feeling strong.


Green veggies and super greens are high in chlorophyll, a green pigment that gives plants and algae their green colour.

It is such a powerhouse to absorb toxins so your body and poop them out. It is wonderful to balance your blood sugar levels and reduce appetite, too, so eat more green leafy vegetables and salads, particularly bitter greens like rocket leaves, for anything bitter helps turn your appetite down.

Greens also act as an internal deodorant to help with smelly breath and sweat, which can occur when you do a detox.

We always laugh on our Rejuv Retreats how the group starts to smell very ‘tribal’ after a day or two with all the toxins starting to vacate the body!

I also add in a green juice that is less than 40 calories, so it doesn’t break my fast. I keep it simple; 250ml water + 2 teaspoons of Rejuv Super Greens or WelleCo. The Super Elixir + 250ml of fresh celery, romaine lettuce and lemon and ginger to taste.


If you have access to a sauna or warm weather, try to sweat! This is my favourite detox method.

Many of my clients have clocked digestive systems, so sweating is the ultimate back door. I use and recommend Therasage FIR. I then follow this with skin brushing from my feet to my heart and a cold shower; I can’t tell you how amazing this makes you feel.

I do this on a cleanse and most days for I love the way it makes me feel and the glow it gives to my skin. If you find it hard to sweat, your detox pathways are probably blocked, so I use our Liver Support and Water Flo Capsules to open up these pathways.



Without good restorative healing sleep, you cannot have a successful cleanse and detox, for this is the perfect fasting partner of your cleanse. Use a wind-down routine at night with a bath or foot bath with 1 cup of Epsom salts, high in magnesium, to help calm your nervous system and support sleep.

I also love Frankincense and lavender essential oils and often give myself a hand or foot massage with these oils in an avocado oil base from my kitchen. Each night I also have a cup of the Sleep Welle Tea I formulated for Welleco, allowing me to create a wind-down ritual. If you are susceptible to wake up to pee, then have this tea with your evening meal. See my blog on sleep, too, for this is a key to having a successful cleanse.


An integral part of any successful cleanse is to supplement. The mind and body need help to open up your detox pathways; otherwise, you will not feel well, get headaches, and get skin breakouts as your body can’t handle the toxic load being released. I use our 30-Day Health Reset pack, as it comes with a full wellness/cleanse plan and all the supplements you need are listed in this blog. If you want to extend your cleanse to only have a smoothie for lunch, you can, or you can have a meal.

Always go at your own pace, and you can even mix it up day to day depending on work/life demands. 


Fibres are essential as your digestive tract needs help to hoover up all the toxins and break down faecal build-up. The average human colon weighs about four pounds empty and can hold up to eight meals’ worth of food before digestion finally occurs, so if you picture 8 meals in your mind, that is quite a lot of undigested stool, so this is why doing a cleanse is essential to help the body clear the backlog of undigested food.

Eating more fibre from seeds such as chia, flax, pumpkin, and sunflower is great to increase this faecal bulk acting as a colon scrubber.

When you do a cleanse, a lot of mucous can also be released, so take care if you feel you have to pass gas, for you could get a bit of an unwelcome wet surprise! I include our digestive complex powder in all of my cleanses to support this detox and why I added this product to our 30 Day Health Reset Pack.


Doing a cleanse doesn’t have to be traumatic. Choose to sing, laugh or do breath work like Wim Hoff to help detox and oxygenate your body. Go on lovely walks, bike rides or swims but be gentle and take it easy. Book in a massage if they are open again or try reflexology or acupuncture.

Take a long soak in an Epsom salt bath with essential oils, put on a face & hair mask and light some candles. Get your barefoot on the earth or your hands in soil in the garden. Put on your favourite music and dance & maybe add in some karaoke. Watch funny movies to make you laugh out loud, meet a friend, share a green juice or cup of tea, do this over zoom, and have a heart-to-heart beautiful chat.

Nature is so healing, so maybe even pack a picnic and drive to a lovely place you haven’t been to before. Whatever it is, make this a time to nurture and bring forth joy into your heart.


With such a heavy year just past, it is healing to gift yourself time each morning and or evening to connect with you and add this to any prayer and meditations practices that you may embrace. I know you have many responsibilities to others but ‘you need you too’!

Like on a plane when they say always put your own oxygen mask on first, life is like that unless you are good with you, it’s tough for the rest of your life to flow. I do a lot of coaching with my clients to be empowered to take care of their own wellness then. Here is a little ritual I suggest to my clients each morning, and it only takes 10 minutes or so:

Take a moment to connect with yourself, run your day through in your mind (like a mind movie) and see yourself moving through your day elegantly & with ease, staying out of stress & emergency mode.

If a stressful internal or external issue arises, then take a step back and ask yourself, is this something you can change or not? If you can change it, add this to your to-do list. Suppose you can’t choose to let it go & trusts God/the universe to take care of it. Visualise all of your cells in balance and yourself in optimum health both mind & body, feel this right into your bones & nervous system.

Sit with this amazing feeling that all is well with your health for 1-2 minutes and feel it to the point it makes you smile. Take a moment to also sit with the feeling of all the things you are grateful for.

Find a time to do this each day, and at the end of your day, take a few minutes to give thanks for your day.

You can journal this, but lately, I’m loving feeling this gratitude into my heart and every cell of my body and connecting with my higher self and God/the universe. 

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