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Anti-Parasite foods

Anti-Fungal and Anti-Parasite foods are great to support your parasite cleanse. When I recommend a parasite cleanse, I also do it to reset the gut, clear candida, remove fungus and reinoculate the microbiome with good bacteria.

Candida, parasites, and digestive functional issues can be hard to treat, so I recommend supplements to fast track your journey. The Rejuv Wellness Parasite Full Moon Cleanse Pack is a great place to start. Still, your diet is also vital for food is medicine, after all.

The Effects of Candida & Parasite Colonies

Many don’t realise that candida is a form of fungus and a human parasite that feeds at your expense and deprives you of many vital nutrients. You might have had a white coat on your tongue, oral or genital thrush or an itchy groin etc – this is all candida overgrowth.

Candida and Parasites mainly deplete your storage of iron, B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, and amino acids. Candida and Parasite colonies also continually produce many toxins and mycotoxins, including candidalysin, acetaldehyde, ammonia, uric acid, and gliotoxin, as metabolic by-products causing increased inflammation, disease and mental issues such as depression and anxiety.

20 Anti-Parasite & Anti-Fungal Foods

Here are my favourite Anti-Parasite & Anti-Fungal foods and a list of foods to avoid if you want to reset your gut and transform your mental, emotional and physical well being.

My Top 5 Anti-Parasite Foods

In last week’s blog, I shared a recipe with Zucchini Voodles that included five powerful anti-parasite foods:

  1. garlic
  2. ginger
  3. turmeric
  4. pumpkin seeds 
  5. cayenne pepper

The Next 15 Favourite Anti-Parasite & Anti-Fungal Foods

This week I’m sharing my list of another 15 anti-parasite and anti-fungal foods, as promised in my previous blog.  It would be good to incorporate these foods into your diet, particularly over the next two months. We have just had a Super Moon, so that that parasite activity will be higher than usual, at least until a few weeks after the next full moon, until the end of June.

6. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which plays a vital role in delivering most of the health benefits of coconut oil, such as the germ-killing and disinfectant agents against parasites, yeasts, viruses, and pathogenic bacteria in the gut.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar  

Always choose the cloudy version when you buy Apple Cider Vinegar, with the ‘mother’. It is high in probiotics & great to boost stomach acids to kill off parasites and any larvae you inadvertently ingest with your meals. You can also get the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar in our Rejuv Wellness Apple Cider Burn Complex to protect the enamel on your teeth and support digestion and fat burning. 

8. Bitter Melon  

I first came across Bitter Melon when moving to Dubai. It looks like a lumpy cucumber, but it is a powerhouse at killing parasites and clearing fungus & candida. It has been used in Chinese & Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. They believe that bitter foods such as bitter melon help treat ‘damp’ conditions such as parasites and candida overgrowth. It’s very bitter, so I take it as a 60ml shot of the juice before my green Super Elixir juice each day.

9.  Fenugreek Seed 

The Fenugreek Seed is an antimicrobial and anti-parasitic agent that fights against malaria-causing plasmodium. It also inhibits common harmful bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus. You can use Fenugreek in cooking, but you can fast track with our Para Cleanse Capsules if you find the seeds too bitter.

10. Pau D’arco Tea  

A proven anti-fungal and it is the best tea you can have while clearing  Candida. Pau D’arco is packed with naphthoquinone that can kill various bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites. This is also an irritant to certain parasites, so it will mobilise parasites from hiding spots allowing a thorough cleanse. 

11. Sauerkraut  & Kimchi

Sauerkraut and Kimchi are wonderful to reinoculate good bacteria in the gut microbiome. You can add them to any meal as a garnish & this works well with psyllium husks, too, as a wonderful prebiotic combination to feed and boost your good bacteria. If you find psyllium husks too challenging to take and don’t like the taste of cabbage, our Digestive Complex Powder has pre and probiotics and many gut-healing herbs all in one product to heal and reinoculate your microbiome.

12. Cinnamon 

An aromatic spice that most people associate with sweet food, but it is a potent anti-fungal and anti-microbial. Cinnamon is also great for balancing your blood sugar levels, especially since candida & parasites can increase your desire for sweets and junk foods, so this is their preferred food source.

If you struggle with sugar cravings you can also try our Blood Sugar Support Capsules that I initially formulated to help heal my eating disorders and stop binge eating that led to poor gut health.

13. Cloves 

Cloves are great for killing off parasites, larvae, & eggs but not so easy to use at high enough levels in your diet, so best to combine them with our Candida Gone Capsules.

14. Seaweed 

Seaweed is a nutrient-dense ‘superfood’ known for its powerful healing properties. Great to help clear Candida, helps flush out heavy mental in the body and supports healthy bowel function. I use seaweed in our Sea & Soil Super Greens Capsules if you dislike the taste or struggle to eat seaweed three times a week.

15. Horseradish 

Vegan horseradish works great against many food-borne bacteria and parasites and improves your defence against some parasites. Always use fresh horseradish and grate it properly to get enough juice for the best results. You can add a tablespoon of fresh horseradish to your soups, stir fry or mustard.

16. Thyme 

Thyme is known to destroy intestinal microbes because of its natural antibacterial properties. It is very effective in stimulating the thymus gland and promoting the immune system of the body.

17. Oregano Oil 

Oregano Oil is very strong in taste, and just 1-3 drops is a potent dose and excellent as antiviral, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. This ingredient can also be hard to digest when taken in the oil form, so if you find it too strong, opt for a capsule version like in our Para Cleanse Capsules

18.  Green Hulls Of Black Walnuts 

Green hulls of the black walnut are excellent for killing any kind of parasite. They have juglandin and tannin in them, which oxygenates the human blood and therefore helps in killing any kind of parasite inside the body. 

19. Papaya Seeds 

Papaya seeds have antihelminthic and anti-amoebic activities, which are very effective in treating human parasites. They are more effective when consumed in conjunction with Manuka honey to mix papaya, papaya seeds, coconut yoghurt and a teaspoon of Manuka honey for a wonderful effect. The seeds are particularly useful to clear hookworms and tapeworms. They’re also irritants to many other parasites, so they will mobilise parasites from hiding spots allowing a thorough cleanse.

20. Pomegranate

Pomegranate contains an unusual alkaloid content, called pelletierine, which was discovered in 1878. Pelletierine is effective when expelling worms and parasites from the intestinal tract.

7 Foods to Avoid When Infected with Parasites

On the flip side, here are seven foods to avoid when you are infected with parasites and or have candida overgrowth:

  1. Sugar (fruits and manuka honey are an exception)
  2. Dairy products
  3. Ultra-processed foods
  4. Gluten-containing foods
  5. Meat
  6. Raw Fish
  7. Watercress (strange one I know for wild watercress can be contaminated with liver flukes (parasites) if grown in sheep-raising areas).

My Shortcut to Avoid Bitter Taste

As you can see, there are many powerful foods and herbs you can include in your diet to starve out the parasites and support their die off so that you can restore the correct balance in your gut microbiome. However, some ingredients are very bitter, so if you find them a struggle, we have a few Rejuv Wellness plant-based, vegan capsules to support your journey. 

If you’re not sure where to start on your Wellness Journey, complete your Free Wellness Profile Quiz and see my blog post on how to do a parasite cleanse.

BONUS: Reduce Parasites for Your Furry Friend

Did you know that you can also support your dog with its diet to reduce parasites? You can feed pumpkin seeds whole as a treat for your dog or you can grind the pumpkin seeds in a coffee grinder or blender and add them to your dog’s meals. 

Don’t feed him the salted seeds from the grocery store; find some raw, organic seeds instead. Give your dog a quarter teaspoon per ten pounds of body weight once or twice a day until they are rid of the parasites.

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