10 Years of Supergreens With The Body & WelleCo

10 Years of Supergreens With The Body & WelleCo

Last week we had big celebrations with Elle Macpherson and the WelleCo team in Sydney and Melbourne. It has been ten years since I formulated The Super Elixir and partnered with Elle for what has become an amazing business success story. We also celebrated Elle’s 60th birthday and the launch of the brand new WelleCo Evening Elixir.

Dr Simone's husband Dirk with Elle Macpherson and Simone Laubscher, PhD

It was so lovely to hear Elle share her authentic wellness journey with myself over 10 years ago which led to the birth of The Super Elixir and the ever growing range of all natural supplements attached to the WelleCo brand.

The Body Out Of Balance

When Elle was 48 she came to me at my Rejuv Wellness Clinic at Harley Street in London. Even though she was living a clean lifestyle, she was feeling out of balance.

Based on her blood tests her GP had told her that her levels were normal for someone her age, but she wasn’t happy with being ‘normal’ and surviving. She wanted to be thriving!

As with most clients, I ran my bespoke Rejuv naturopathic urine test and blood tests and found ten points that told a different story.

  1. Elle had high inflammation levels.
  2. Her detox pathways were not working at optimum so she was feeling tired and irritable.
  3. Her normally luscious hair, smooth skin and perfect nails were dry and brittle.
  4. Her blood sugar levels were out and she was craving sugar (Elle says she became sugar addicted).
  5. Her hormones were out and she was in perimenopause
  6. Her minerals were very low and she was malnourished because her body (yes, THE BODY!) was not absorbing the nutrition it needed, even though she was eating a good quality foods.
  7. Her gut microbiome was out with an overgrowth of candida and parasites.
  8. Her metabolism was slow, she was gaining weight and her lymphatic system needed support as she was ‘feeling puffy’.
  9. Elle was sleep deprived. She was only sleeping 5-6 hours a night so her body did not enter active healing and recovery mode each night.
  10. She had adrenal fatigue and was addicted to caffeine which not only affected her energy levels but also increased her belly fat.

How We Transformed The Body

I see clients every week who are experiencing very similar symptoms to these. I understand your pain, I’ve been there and got the T-Shirt! But the good news is that I was able to transform not only Elle and my own experience of these symptoms, I’ve helped hundreds, if not thousands of women like Elle conquer these symptoms.

One such client is Karen Hockney who actually referred Elle to me, after I had helped her on her breast cancer journey. She is still living with abundant health!  

Elle Macpherson, The Body, Laughing with Dr Simone Laubscher at the 10th anniversary for WelleCo

I looked at Elle holistically, through the Seven Pillars of Wellness. I started with her nutrition pillar and put her on an organic plant based vegan diet and added wild small fish for her macronutrients were out of balance, her good fats and omega 3’s too low and her protein was also too low too. If you feel your macro’s are also out of balance you can download our free Body Balance Wellness Plan here.

Next I reviewed her supplement pillar and added organic, whole-food supplements to her diet with my Rejuv Wellness plant-based formulas to address her deficiencies. She was already taking supplements, but we replaced every single one of them, because all supplements she was taking were synthetic and not bio-available.

I have had so many messages over the last week asking me what protocol i used to help elle get back into optimum health 12 years ago, so i decided to write a blog about it

The Elle Macpherson Supplementation Diet Boost

I put Elle on 10 supplements for only two months and all of her levels shifted into optimum and she looked and felt amazing.

Elle’s Va Va Voom was back!

Let me break it down:

Supplements For The Body Before Breakfast

The breakfast mix of supplements for Elle included four different supplements. These serve the function of supporting her gut, balancing her hormones, stress levels and boost nutrition.


Supermodel Supplements Before Lunch

Around lunchtime we added supplements to support metabolism, regulate cravings and give the liver function a boost.


Body Cleanse & Flush Before Dinner

Towards the end of the day, the supplements for Elle had one purpose, to prepare the body for restorative sleep and cleanse to maximise healing and regeneration. Three plant-based supplements are designed for this job:

 Elle Macpherson with her nutritionist Dr Simone Laubscher at the WelleCo 10 year anniversary 2024

I also balanced her other 5 wellness pillars giving her lifestyle hacks for her sleep, movement, body balance, environmental health and mindfulness.

If you're not sure what wellness pillars you need to focus on to scale up your health then complete your free Wellness Quiz to pinpoint the top three pillars to fast-track your wellness journey. 

The Supplement Maintenance Plan

After two months Elle was ready for a maintenance plan. This is how The Super Elixir was born. At the end of her treatment, Elle told me she didn’t want to take capsules each day but wanted to take a full spectrum powder (the ‘one & done formula’ as Elle calls it) that she could mix into a drink with water daily.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Elle spoke about her journey on The Project on Channel 10


Elle’s authentic wellness journey was the catalyst that led to me to formulate The Super Elixir™, the Nourishing Protein and the Kids Super Elixir + Protein. Elle worked closely with me on all of the three initial formulas sharing what she wanted each formula to do.

Based on her input, I formulated the optimum synergistic bioavailable ingredients that would compliment and amplify each other, based on many years of formulating the Rejuv Wellness Supplement Line and clinical observations with my clients.

I’ve also worked with the WelleCo team to formulate the current booster range including The SkinHairCollagenGoddessPMS, and Immune Elixir, Calm and Clarity and the new Evening Elixir.

Synthetic Supplements & Pill Fatigue Made Me Do It

Before I met Elle, I created the Rejuv Wellness Supplement Line (which turns 20 this year) out of frustration with the vitamin and supplement industry. As I walked out of my healing from eating disorders, I couldn’t find the supplements I needed to get well.

All I could find was synthetic supplements that didn’t work, or I could find individual nutrients not in a blend which meant I had to take 15+ capsules three times a day (45 capsules a day - no thank you!). Talk about pill fatigue! There were no synergistic blends on the market that worked.

Organic Whole Food Supplements That Work

High-quality, organic and pure whole-food supplements guarantee you get precisely the right ingredients in the correct form at a cellular level. This philosophy is my guiding light as I formulate supplements for both Rejuv Wellness and WelleCo.

The Pillars of Your Health 

Rejuv Seven Pillars of Wellness by Dr Simone Laubscher  

The Seven Pillars of Wellness will always be the key to your long-term wellbeing. I often speak of these as the foundation for everything we do when treating clients holistically. 

These are the Seven Pillars of Wellness which are crucial for your health and wellness:

  1. Sleep 
  2. Movement 
  3. Environment 
  4. Nutrition 
  5. Mindfulness 
  6. Body Balance 
  7. Supplementation


We always assess each client holistically based on these seven pillars, and you can do it yourself by taking our free Wellness Quiz.

It only takes 3-5 minutes to complete the quiz and build your wellness profile which also identifies the top 3 pillars you need to focus on to fast-track your wellness journey.